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Spring Security 3.0 – Part 4

Posted by Pankil Patel on April 14, 2010

How you will Handle “default-target-url” of “form-login” tag when you are using your custom Entry Point?

When you are using Custom Entry Point, say Using “UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter” and you want the same behavior as like “default-target-url” functionality of “form-login” from “HTTP” section than in your Customized Class say “MyAuthenticationProcessingFilter” (as in Spring Security 3.0 – Part 3) you have to Override one more method that is “successfulAuthentication”. Say like:

Please Note: Here return statement of getParameter method is like ‘ return “/login/homePage.action?request_locale=” + selectedLanguage; ‘ this means that you are also passing extra parameter(language) to the action which is passed from your Login page. If you simply want to call homePage Action without passing that parameter your return statment will be like: ‘ return “/login/homePage.action”; ‘

Yeeeeeeee I am able to call my homeAction After successful Authentication using spring Security 3.0.



3 Responses to “Spring Security 3.0 – Part 4”

  1. sup what is yo fb name

  2. iplanweb said

    How can you get selectedLanguaage dynamically from request parameters in the inner class..

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