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How to solve URL problem in JSF???

Posted by Pankil Patel on September 20, 2010

How to solve URL problem in JSF???

One common URL problem in JSF is that: It is displaying last visited page URL instead of current page URL….

Solution of this problem is: Add <redirect /> tag in all <navigation-case> to make URL proper.

Without it, it will display last URL (one page old) instead of current URL:


<redirect />


4 Responses to “How to solve URL problem in JSF???”

  1. Hardik Shah said

    Wonderful Blogs!

  2. Abdo said

    ok, but what if i want to pass some parameters?

    • For Passing Argument in JSF the ManageBean atribute and ManageBean’s action invocation of method for that bean is used.
      Instead of going Navigation redirect you should use managebean redirect

      Like here:


      In this example whenever any action method of Product Bean is invoke, it will set the value of id into the ProductBean

      jsp / html page code

      Here “editProduct” is the method of Product Bean and id is the atribute of the same bean.

  3. Giulio said

    Wonderful! Thank you very much!

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